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Mgr. Lucia Najšlová, Ph.D.

Dr. Lucia Najšlová is a Lecturer in European Politics and a Research Fellow at the Department of European Studies, Faculty of Social Science, Charles University in Prague, and a Lecturer in European Politics at UPCES CERGE-EI in Prague. She is a member of external advisory team of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and a chief editor of V4Revue, a webzine focused on Central Europe’s society, economy and politcs. Najšlová holds a PhD in political theory from Comenius University in Bratislava, during her studies she held fellowships at University of Arkansas and University of Oslo. She has published on EU external relations with a particular emphasis on the EU’s enlargement and neighborhood policies, the EU’s leverage as a democracy promoter and perceptions of the EU (and the West) among neighbors and aspirants for membership. More specifically, she is interested in dynamics of westernization and democratization and meanings of ‘the West’ and democracy in societies undergoing transition. Najšlová has conducted research in Turkey, Cyprus and the Czech Republic, she is currently working on a monograph focusing on politics of belonging in EU-Turkey relations. Recent research projects in which Najšlová participated include FP7 TRANSWORLD (2013–2014) coordinated by the IAI in Rome and ‘Czech Foreign Policy and the Post-Western Global Order’ (2014–2016) run by the Institute of International Relations of the CR.